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Online monitoring of forex accounts

The application helps you track real-time performance from your Metatrader forex terminals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. List of main features:

  • Current state of your accounts
  • Profitability on each account and on all together
  • Metrics on positions, screenshots from your terminal
  • Periodical reports
  • Track different magic numbers on one account
  • Sharing an account with a user or on the internet
  • Fine-tuning of notifications for any parameters
  • Access to statistics via Telegram, Android and iPhone applications

If you trade with Expert Advisors and robots,
then this app is for you

It’s no secret that trading advisors are just algorithms and they tend to make mistakes and make wrong deals.
Thus it is possible to suddenly and quickly gain volumes and high drawdowns,
which will lead to stopping and wiping out the account

Therefore, especially with robots, you need to constantly monitor the account and key parameters and respond in time

And if the robot is constantly trading in the positive, then it’s just nice to see the percentage of deposit growth every day

All functions at your fingertips in one app

Easy to install

You can install and set up monitoring in a couple of minutes

Online 24/7

Metrics are sent and tracked without interruption

Timely notifications

Set up notifications so you don’t miss an important event and react quickly

Share the account and the group

Grant access to your account to a friend or robot manager, or share the data on the Internet

Profitability performance

Track your profit by day, week, and month


Be aware of the current balance, equity, drawdown and margin level

Detailed information

For each open currency pair with screenshots from the terminal

Track magic separately

Set up separate tracking of any magic numbers and robots, even on the same account

Video overview of the best forex account monitoring application

All the main features and tricks of the monitoring in one video

How it works

Once connected, the Expert Advisor sends data on your account to the server every 30 seconds. You track all the necessary parameters: balance, equity, drawdown, margin, daily/weekly/monthly income

By setting up notifications according to your taste you will receive an instant message as soon as the corresponding event occurs

In an emergency, you can take control of the robot

Real impressions of the service

What it looks like

The functionality of the service is being developed faster than we have time to post fresh screenshots

It’s better to try once than to see 100 times


We follow the “pay as you go” philosophy; you pay only for the amount you use


  • View disabled accounts
  • View accounts shared by other users


$1 / month / account
  • Full functionality
  • You can increase and decrease the number of paid accounts

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Active accounts on monitoring

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