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Updating of profitability data

The problem of displaying incorrect profitability data (deposits/withdrawals) usually occurs on weekends (non-trading days)

Several factors lead to this

On weekends, the time on the terminal stops and does not change to the current time. You may notice that on non-trading days, the terminal keeps the Friday date and time 23:55 (or around that time). Because of this, the Expert Advisor cannot get the correct time and all weekend trades are “marked” with the previous date, overwriting Friday’s data
Broker during weekends can temporarily manipulate statistics, hide part of the history, change the date or time of trades while performing server optimization works. Because of this, some trades appear/disappear that have already been previously recorded and they may overwrite the previously recorded data
A broker may give bonuses and rebates on the weekend, which also overwrites Friday’s data

In normal mode, you can do nothing specially. On Monday or Tuesday, the monitoring Expert Advisor will automatically upload the data for the previous days, correct the statistics to the current one and update the cache itself

But in some cases, if you need to update the statistics as soon as possible, you can manually update the statistics in the service. The algorithm below should be performed only on trading days, for example, on Monday, when the date in the terminal will be updated to the current one

Algorithm for updating statistics manually

  1. Open the Metatrader terminal with the required account
  2. Load the whole history. To do this, select the “History” tab at the bottom of the window and in the table of deals right-click and select “All history”. Wait until the deals appear
  3. Open the chart where the monitoring Expert Advisor is installed and reload it. To reload it is enough just to switch the timeframe to any other one
  4. The Expert Advisor is completely reloaded. After reloading, it recalculates the profitability, aggregates it and sends it to our server. The server updates the information in the database
  5. Since our service has a multi-level caching system – it is still necessary to update the cache of calculations
  6. Go to your personal cabinet. In the upper right corner select the profile icon and click “Settings”. Go to >>
  7. In the “Other settings” section press the “Reset the calculation cache” button
  8. Check if the profitability data has changed in the tables by periods as well
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